Buy Modafinil (Signature) 200mg x 1 strip of 10 tabs

Modafinil (Signature) 200mg x 1 strip of 10 tabs
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Modafinil 200mg x 10 tablets (1 strip)


Manufacturer: Signature Pharmaceuticals Ltd


Modvigil is the best solution for treating narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. It contains modafinil as the basic component which belongs to the nootropic class of solutions. Modvigil helps to build cognitive capacities, and acts as a memory booster too.



Modvigil 200mg Drug Information

What are the benefits of Modvigil?

    The active ingredient in the tablets is modafinil.
    Modafinil can be taken by adults who suffer from narcolepsy to help them to stay awake. Narcolepsy is a condition that causes excessive daytime sleepiness and a tendency to fall asleep suddenly in inappropriate situations (sleep attacks). Modafinil may improve your narcolepsy and reduce the likelihood that you will have sleep attacks but there may still be other ways that you can improve your condition and your doctor will advise you.

    Do not take Modafinil if you:
    • Are allergic (hypersensitive) to modafinil or to any of the other ingredients of these tablets
    (see section 6 'What Modafinil contains').
    • Have an irregular heartbeat.
    • Have uncontrolled, moderate to severe high
    blood pressure (hypertension).
    Take special care with Modafinil if you:
    • Have any heart problems or high blood pressure. Your doctor will need to check these regularly while you are taking Modafinil containing medicinal products.
    • Have ever had depression, low mood, anxiety, psychosis (loss of contact with reality) or
    mania (over-excitement or feeling of extreme happiness) or bipolar disorder because Modafinil containing medicinal products may make your condition worse.
    • Have kidney or liver problems (because you will need to take a lower dose).
    • Have had alcohol or drug problems in the past.
    Children aged less than 18 years should not take this medicine.
    Other things to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about:
    • Some people have reported having suicidal or aggressive thoughts or behaviour while taking this medicine. Tell your doctor straight away if you notice that you are becoming depressed, feel aggressive or hostile towards other people or have suicidal thoughts or other changes in your behaviour (see section 4). You may want to consider asking a family member or close friend to help you look out for signs of depression or other changes in your behaviour.
    • This medicine has the potential for you to become reliant (dependent) on it after long-term
    use. If you need to take it for a long time your doctor will check regularly that it is still the best medicine for you.


How Does Modvigil Works?

If sleeping apnea or any other sleeping disorder is a problem, then here’s the working of this pill; which can help you know how effective it is and what is its process. Unlike other medicines, even Modvigil 200mg takes some time to start showing its effect on an individual. Modvigil (Modafinil) is the best option to lessen sleepiness and apathy connected with the issue. Mind has dopamine substance in it. It is processed by the nerve cells that help in communication. This brain or neurotransmitter is known to be included in the stimulation etc. This tablet has a compound inside it called as modafinil that follows up on this substance and obstructs the reuptake of this chemical by the nerves. Accordingly this substance stays in the mind for more extended time in this manner increasing memory in the individuals. Modvigil is additionally used to augment memory in students and grown-ups.

What is the Recommended Dosage of Modvigil 200mg?

The usual dose is 200 mg a day. This can be taken once daily (in the morning) or divided into two doses a day (100 mg in the morning and 100 mg at midday).
Your doctor in some cases may decide to increase your daily dose up to 400 mg.
Elderly patients (over 65 years of age)
The usual dose is 100 mg a day.
Your doctor will only increase your dose (up to the maximum 400 mg a day) provided that you do not have any liver or kidney problems.

Like all medicines, Modafinil can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.
Stop taking this medicine and tell your doctor straight away if:
• You have sudden difficulty breathing or wheeziness or your face, mouth or throat begins to swell.
• You notice a skin rash or itching (especially if it affects your whole body). Severe rashes may
cause blistering or peeling of the skin, ulcers in your mouth, eyes, nose or genitals. You may also
have a high temperature (fever) and abnormal blood test results.
• You feel any change in your mental health and wellbeing. The signs may include:
* mood swings or abnormal thinking, * aggression or hostility, * forgetfulness or confusion,
* feeling of extreme happiness, * over-excitement or hyperactivity, * anxiety or nervousness, * depression, suicidal thoughts or behaviour, * agitation or psychosis (a loss of contact with reality which may include delusions or sensing things that are not real), feeling detached or numb, or personality disorder.
Other side effects include the following:
Very common side effects (affecting more than 1 in 10 people)
• Headache.
Common side effects (affecting fewer than 1 in 10 people)
• Dizziness.
• Sleepiness, extreme tiredness or difficulty sleeping (insomnia).
• Awareness of your heart beat, which may be faster than normal.
• Chest pain.
• Flushing.
• Dry mouth.
• Loss of appetite, feeling sick, stomach pain, indigestion, diarrhoea or constipation.
• Weakness, numbness or tingling of the hands or feet ('pins and needles').
• Blurred vision.
• Abnormal blood test results showing how your liver is working (increased liver enzymes).
Uncommon side effects (affecting fewer than 1 in 100 people):
• Back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, muscle weakness, leg cramps, joint pain, twitching or tremor.
• Vertigo (spinning sensation).
• Difficulty moving muscles smoothly or other movement problems, muscle tension, coordination problems.

• Hayfever symptoms including itchy/runny nose or watery eyes.
• Increased cough, asthma or shortness of breath.
• Skin rash, acne or itchy skin.
• Sweating.
• Changes in blood pressure (high or low), abnormal heart trace (ECG), and irregular or
unusually slow heart beat.
• Difficulty swallowing, swollen tongue or mouth ulcers.
• Excess wind, reflux (bringing back fluid from the stomach), increased appetite, weight changes, thirst or taste alteration.
• Being sick (vomiting).
• Migraine.
• Speech problems.
• Diabetes with increased blood sugar.
• High blood cholesterol.
• Swollen hands and feet.
• Disrupted sleep or abnormal dreams.
• Loss of sex drive.
• Nose bleed, sore throat or inflamed nasal passages (sinusitis).
• Abnormal vision or dry eyes.
• Abnormal urine or more frequent urination.
• Abnormal periods.
• Abnormal blood test results showing that the numbers of your white blood cells have changed.
If any of the side effects become troublesome or your experience any side effects not listed, please
tell your doctor or pharmacist.

What Should I Know Before Taking Modvigil Tablets?

  • When expending this drug, you should inform your specialist concerning the different drugs you are utilizing. This medication if meddled with different medicines may prove fatal to health.

  • Some may experience allergic reactions on intake of Modvigil. If these side-effects are extreme then you should not take this medicine.

  • If you are suffering from some health issues like high blood pressure, cardiac problems or mental or mood disorders then its best to take this pill carefully and under doctor’s supervision.

  • Modvigil is the best dose against narcolepsy. Don't devour abundance dose of this medication so as to keep away from health issues.

  • Pregnant ladies must have word with their specialist before consuming this medicine as it may affect the development and health of a baby.


What are the Side Effects Of Online Modvigil?

  • The side-effects with Modvigil range from normal to severe. The mild side-effects with Modvigil 200 mg is headache, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, trouble in sleeping and nervousness. These effects are short termed and do not require any medical treatment.

  • In very rare cases, this drug can develop serious side effects such as severe allergic reactions, depression, swelling of face, mouth and lips, signs of jaundice, fever, chest pain, and irregular heartbeat.


Are There Any Health Warnings While Consuming Modvigil?

Do not take Modvigil if you get any allergic reaction.

  • If you are suffering from health issues like kidney and liver problems or psychological issue or mood swing shouldn’t intake the medicine.

  • Pregnant women should discuss with their doctor before consuming modvigil.

  • Breastfeeding mom should also consult with the doctor if she wants to consume this pill.

  • Excess intake of this pill may lead to side-effects. Avoid excessive intake.


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