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  • dbow

Just received two more orders from Best. Didn't even break a sweat. Ordering from this guy is so easy and anyone who is "skeptical" can put their fears to rest. He is reliable, fast and stands behind his gear. And speaking of gear, I haven't started my cycle yet, but I did replace my prescription test E with Bests test C. Rx was 200mg/ml EOW, I started the cyp @300mg once a week. Let me tell you, his cyp is AWESOME. After 3 weeks my strength has noticeably increased- ok GREATLY increased for only using it for 3 weeks, better energy at the gym, mild acne on shoulders and increase in sex drive. I even got a little sensitive on the nips and after 3 days of his nolva, all good. From what I have used, its more than exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to get into his tren and mast. The Veyron tren is beautiful. I can't stop looking at it! lol. I love that he stands behind his product bc it gives me more confidence that Im getting a good product. And like I said, what I have used so far has been awesome. Once the full cycle begins, I will post again, most likely with great results! Thanks Best!


  • 1978cb550

Very reliable source. I had a couple questions regarding payment. UKB always responded promptly to my emails. Received an email last tuesday that my order had shipped. Received shipment today. Thanks for the excellent service!


  • buckeye

I've achieved my goal I finally hit 215 .now I gonna start my cut down. I'm running my lixus cyp and prop.750 of cyp and 100mg of prop eod..I got the rip blend ready with prop I'm hoping 190 ripped.thx best for ur gr8 service and bein gr8 source.


  • calen517

I fuckin love these guys, order was shipped fast as hell great communication, great fuckin product. Their veyron dbol is the shit! I'm telling you if you order from these guys you will be happy. good things, good things...


  • popeboy1

ok ive been running the 2nd half of my cycle for about 6 weeks, vetron anadrol, vishnu deca, lixus prop and lixus cyp, I am getting great gains in strength, ive gained 1/2 in on my bi-ceps, my thighs look twice the size they were before I started back and have some crazy ass aggression. I am gonna put this blunt, If you have problems controling your temper then the anadrol isnt for you, I have been extremely moody, however the moodiness has been great for the gym, I know peoples looking at me crazy for cussing out the weights calling them "bitch" and "you little cunts" lol. the lixus prop is very potient, im getting PIP more in my glutes more then anywhere. Makes it hard to sit down. also have had extremely high blood pressure, my face has felt really flush, so warm sometimes it feels feverish, there are times I have to lay down and take a nap so that it goes away. I am getting thick as hell, um maybe a little to much water weight around the ol'belly area. ive been really horny latly, REALLY HORNY!!!! other than that ive had no side affects so best once again your the man.

Placed my order with UK Best on 11/1. I received it on 19/11. Did not have to sign for anything and they kept me informed through the whole process. Excellent service! I will post a review on the quality of there products in about a month.