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Okay so I ordered my goods around the 12th December. The service is amazing and the goods look great. This is without doubt the best site I have used and I will use them again for sure!!

  • mastercommand

Hello: Looks like a good source. Made first order today. Customer service has been good hope the product is as good. Trying there tren hope it kicks but will let you know.

  • Trenabolic

Ok placed an order with best a few months back, was going to hold of until i ran the gear but had to jump the gun a bit. Everything i ordered came well packed and in a timely fashion. What more can i say about best that has not been said before, best is the best. I just started some of his tren e, will be back in a few weeks to post a full review.


  • Mcmjlm

Great source! Received very quickly even when it was a small order and it was around the holidays! Very trusted source! If I buy roids again, will def use them again!

  • Bigjuice23

order came in about 2 weeks after i placed it everything arrived extremely fast considering it was in the middle of the holidays everything packaged nicely and looking fwd to trying out, would def. recommend.

  • Bandidos.Sweden

I got my first package!! and the stuff lixus is very good specially the test 400 and tren enantahte!

  • BNDizzle

Received first order in only 2 weeks to western US. Great communication, 1st week of gear cycle shows promise, and very professional dealings. Best rocks! Thx so much man!


  • SD916

legit source, ordered gear and took 7 days to arrive. ordered 12/10, received 12/17. so far results have been great with there test. have been on there test with another sources deca, but can def. feel/see the test results. communication through ordering process has been on point and eta of gear was received BEFORE they said it would so i wasnt even expecting anything until after the holidays. will update with more results as soon as i throw tren in the mix:)


  • 219michael1061

Just got my order. This is my 5th or 6th order from best and I was surprised how fast I got it. Man, best is running a real nice business. You would think it would slow down with all the business he's been getting but no its got better.. WOWWWWW....... Thanks, Best.


  • jakd11az

Honestly first time ever using Best and all I can say is FAST and EFFICIENT!! Ordered 2 days ago everything has been processed and shipped. Can't wait to try the gear out heard nothing but good things so I wouldn't expect anything less!


  • shotgun98

Made my order just 2 days ago and it has already been processed and shipped. No wonder they have such great reviews. They are also a verified seller of Lixus which helps me feel confident that all the gear will be completely legit. I will most certainly use again and suggest to others. Best is the best!


  • xlfox

Had a few orders now, always quick,fast and discrete. awesome results.


  • oliveira.thiago

very nice source. Talking about service, fast, simple, answer emails in minutes. Good point that I received my order in 5 days, from payment to my hands. Made a second order, and in a few weeks ill tell you guys, how their gear is working. Just to point, lixus deca and lixus test 400 and lixus dbol from someone else. What could I say, trustworthy people to do business!