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great people to work with first time ever ordering online an process has been very easy everything should be shipped out soon will come back and post pics only bought one bottle but definitely easy people to work with two thumbs up!!!


  • Fosgate

Prior experience with UK,and as usual everything is going through again without a hitch. Great products(gear)and good people to work with. Very good source!!!


  • savp4807

I placed my second order with this supplier yesterday. The first time went pretty well, and I can only expect the same good service and communication this time.
Anyone reading this review. I can only speak for my limited experience so far, but believe I will use this supplier as much as I can afford.


  • shotgun98

Made my first order with them and anxious to see how it goes. They have a great selection and great prices and judging by their high scores they have great customer service to go with it. I will keep posting updates throughout the process.


  • Lancer12

Ordered Friday night, made payment Saturday morning and received an email later that night. Pick up was made Monday and order was shipped today unreal turn around time just like the reviews say. Will let you know when I receive the goods but so far couldn't expect more. Communication is top notch.

  • illwill42

Orderd last tuesday from best , quick pick up, communication and their service is flawless , im a frequent uk best buyer never had a problem. thanks best . all g2g


  • Durlang69

Little late on the review however I received another small order from best over the holidays. Some cyp,and tren. So to no surprise it came in as fast as usual. With my experience with best in the past I have no fear that the gear is great. Thanks again best will talk again soon. Keep it up!!


  • michaeladams

Placed an order about two weeks before Christmas. The order arrived just before and made it through customs in Aus. So so happy. Unreal service! Thanks Best!!


  • Bigfoot

Update on my order. Been taking tren E 450 per week and Test cyp 900 per week with turanibol 60 a day for 4 weeks all lixus. Shipping was fast 7 days to the States. Very happy with service and products up 50lbs for reps on bench. Great guy to deal with.


  • Key

Placed an order. Recieved all in very quick time! cant say anything about how good the stuff is as first time & only just started but definitely seems like a genuine guy and would definitely use best again.

  • mattiteppo

first order from this shop.Packet came from payment to home in one week,and i live in EU.GREAT! will be ordering again

  • g2little

Ordered midnight on Sunday, gear arrived first thing this morning (Tuesday). Wow that's quick! Amazing communication with seller and well packaged. Will definitely use again. Can't fault.


  • Bottledfear

Order arrived today to Australia, only took 7 days so very fast shipment. Product arrived in great condition and well packaged. Thanks Best! will deff order again threw these guys :)


  • graftman

Way fast shipping. Great communication. Lixus test c legit gear. Cheers!

  • anthony32

Received my 2nd order in 5 days nothing but the best in service, reliability and top quality gear I'm a customer for life!!!! Thank u best and keep up the good work bro ur the best!!


  • yeszir91

ordered the 11/01 and i just received items just NOW, 3 days! WTF! where can tick the 5 stars vote?

  • uk1234567uk

Just recently ordered 200iu of HGH from these guys to the UK.

Everything went through smoothly, received items over festive period within 3 days from time I placed order! Ridiculously Fast.

Excellent service, excellent communication with helpful info.

GH definitely legit because carpel tunnel felt immediately, so had to lower dose. Excellent stuff!

  • Anonymous

Order Kigs to canada no worries, ordered at the new year received today. Entire shopping experience was no problem, all communications were excellent. Great service best, I will report back on the Kigs.


  • mastercommand

I have to say the customer service is top of the line. Every e-mail is answered very quick. All questions that have been submitted has been answered. Thank You


  • illwill42

Just got all my gear in , ordered last tuesday came today , not bad at all . Good job on the packaging once again , Love the work they do at uk , use them all the time there g2g always smooth . Thanks best can't wait to try this veyron

  • soswole

First time ever ordering from this supplier and first time ever ordering anything like this online. Amazingly easy, everything went smooth, a total of like 3 emails total for the whole process. Ordered 4 vials of prop just to test everything out. Package arrived to east coast US in slightly under a week from when I got the tracking number etc. and was in my hand a couple days later. Will def recommend. Pretty excited to be using quasi legitimate gear, no more home brew for me!