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  • ObjectiveSly

Got my stuff in 7 days to central US. Communication was great. Will order again. Thanks!

  • blackjag

Blazing Fast!!!!!
This is a final update on my order that I placed on the December 18th.
Came back from work today and found the gear had arrived. Awesome ! made my day today. Thank you. I will start my cycle from New Year using Lixus T-bol and definetly post the product review.

  • popeboy1

I am waking up to a rather great morning, have 2 packages on their way from BS, one was sent out on the 16th, the other on the 22nd, both will be arriving in my mail box today, test 400, nolvadex, couple vials of cyp, sust, mast, anadrol, deca. Do I need say more!! okay I will, ordering process was once again very simple, a little time consuming but we all know that goes with this, especially when your in walmart a week before christmas trying to send a MG. I am still extremely impressed with the very professional customer service, i didnt like I had to wait inline at walmart behind a 465 lb old white woman that either had rotton eggs for breakfast or had been cleaning out chicken houses. I stood behind this big bitch for 35 minutes, but fuck it it was worth it, i did have to wait at walmart due to me not making sure what currency to convert. M had any questions I had answered with in minutes, almost as if he were teleconnectic, unless he just waits around all day for my email whuch its now becoming obvious of thats what hes doing. that means my 1st package made it in 11 days and my 2nd package made it in 5 days to the east coast. will update when my packages arrive

  • vocor

Great work all around. Excellent, responsive communication. Handled everything correctly. FAST, discrete shipping. Very detail oriented. Very trustworthy. HIGHLY recommended.
There's a reason he's the best . . . he will do it right and make it right.

  • bigflipper

Good people , reliable, quality gear. Will use this source again in the very near future.!

Placed a test order late Saturday night to make sure everything is legit because been scammed before by other sites I got a quick reply from these guys explaining payment method ect so far really impressed with the service they have given me I've only ordered one bottle of anavar this time around when it comes I'll be ordering another bottle of anavar and then some winstrol to stack it with plus something for Pct already got some liver support tabs because I heard this kinda cycle can be harsh on your liver but give great results I will write back again once I have received the product thanks a lot for the great service so far and keep it up

Third or fourth order from Best everything came timely. Going to give the new dbol a try. Will keep everyone posted. Had a small issue before and Best took care of it right away. No need to go anywhere else!!

  • dave64pa

Second order placed and received in a timely manner. Haven't had any problems with Best. Smooth sailing.... Thanks again.

  • xxstedhedxx

well iv been on lixus test cyp 600mg a week and 300mg a week of deca im just going into week 4 and things are starting to happen strength up hunger through the roof and rock hard wood on a morning lixus is definatly g2g


  • JusGetHuge

i figured since placing my order just days before the holidays i would be doing some waiting (which was fine) my surpise only 6 business days after order placed, my gear was in my hands to the U.S...EXCELLENt service and communication BEST!, even when i had a question about a product, i had an email reply within 40 minutes..never been this satisfied with a source...looking forward to placing my next order soon!

  • kyleg

k first off made a order two days ago and what do you know boom next day order shipped tracking number everything fucken wicked fast got some veyron dbol cant wait to try it out best is the only site im using best customer service reliable and packaging excellent this site is almost too good like seroiusly cant beat the prices and the selection two thumbs up keep it up there is a reason your number 1!!! cheers

  • ungeheuer

order arrived today, took about 4 days to eu, which is VERY fast.  no problems occurred, will order again. cant wait to try veyron.  nr. 1 for a reason i guess :)


  • hambone1188

Just placed my first order with these guys, very excited to get started. Ordered the Lixus Tren E and Lixus Test Prop, Ill keep everyone posted how my gear is. Thanks UKbest!

  • xxstedhedxx

just received my second order very good communication and very fast postage cheers again best.

  • thorny990

placed my order on sunday and its arrived today great service came and alot quicker than what i expected will certainly be ordering from these guys again keep up the great work got one bottle of var discreetly packed gonna hold back before i start my cycle now though.