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Just wanted to say thanks. Very happy with my results. I can't wait to place another order. c u soon.


  • scotstrength

Great communication and fast shipping. I received my stuff 3 working days after ordering. Highly recommend these guys.

  • jimbob

i put an order in with best for the second time and im still reeling at how fast the package got to my door.. 5 dayss in all after ordering.. these guys are on the ball! impeccable service!

  • jancseeka

cool seller
easy communication
highly recommended

  • bigbigger

Order placed on the 15th shipped on the 19th Pleasure to deal with will order again


  • Orlag

UK Best is an awesome supplier and his gear is g2g.

  • popeboy1

I posted pics the other day of my 2 packages i recieved from best, I started the anadrol with my cycle on the 27th, also i added prop to my cycle, the prop is insane, although I have been having trouble sleeping at night from untamable wood!!! my blood pressure has been high which I have been taking fish oil for. will be running mast the last 4 weeks of my cycle to help harden me up, I have got a little annoy with BS as they wont leave me alone, he keeps asking me random shit like have you recieved your package or "thanks I appreciate your business" who does he think he is ... Walmarts Pharmacy center? Very excited about running this new veyron line he carrying, I am still running his lixus line as well as Ive never had a problem with it and hopes he continues to stock lixus, Im having crazy killer pumps, looking massive leaving the gym, its too early to make a review on the rest best believe you will here it from me.

BTW, its nice to have a source check on his customers when he hasnt heard anything about the order being delivered

  • aus4825

Up to third order and so far the BEST!

Excellent packaging and very happy with communication, customer service and every part of the transaction.

Will be a regular and couldnt recommend any other source nearly as good as this one.

About to cycle up will post results.

  • zyclon

I bought form Best 2 kits of Kigtropin (Bluetops) My coach told me yesterday that this stuff is much more potent than riptropin. I was on rips 3 months and only half month with kigs and notice some things that dont notice with rips:

Skin need to be hidrated
Descamation of scars
Better resting
Vivid dreams

Incredible! I will order with BEST again and again. Lixus and kigs are my options..

  • physical1

Ordered the Lixus Test E from these guys. Communication was excellent and I received my order in less than two weeks despite the holiday season. Awesome.


  • Yates

I order some Clomid on 12/13 and they got here on 12/28 , I got them on time to start my pct..


  • Skitzoboy

So I've just finished my first cycle with everything I got from Best.

I ran 30mg/day Lixus Dbol weeks 1-4, 500mg/week Iranian Test E weeks 1-12 & 30mg/day Lixus Winny weeks 10-14

I've gained about 28lbs, 1" on the arms, 1.5" on the chest and 2" on the thighs. Starting pct tomorrow.

Although I am a noob to gear I'm thouroghly happy with the service and results gained from his products. Can't wait for my next cycle and will be shopping with him again very soon.

  • _cyponate_

I received my order today and am very pleased that it only took 8 days to get here .. I started low on the order to test the system, but now I'm confident to order big and from best everytime.. let's just see how the product works..

  • popeboy1

I recieved my order yesterday, an ass load of goodies, 3 vials of cyp, 2 vials of mast, 1 vial of sust, 3 vials of prop, 2 vials of deca, 1 bottle of anadrol. very quick shipment and very good service. will be running the remainder of my cycle:

cyp-600mg pw
deca-300mg pw
prop-100mg eod
anadrol-50mg ed next 5 weeks
mast-100mg eod last 5 weeks


  • Jerdabs23

Ordered on the 15th dec, got package by the 22nd! Only thing is i wish they had more of a selection!

  • fippd

Placed an order on the 12. money was picked up with tracking a day later. received items no problem 14days later. Not to bad with the hoilday season. I have dealt with other systems before and this one is tops.


  • fatfuck

10 days after purchase, my order arrived, this is my first use, so i will have to see results of product before im a believer


Received both of my orders 7 days after money was picked up. Never had a single doubt or worry using Best. For that peace of mind I will never use any other supplier. The products are the Best, the communication is the Best and the service/delivery is the Best. There is no reason to use any other site. Thanks Eroids for introducing me to UKBest and thanks UKBest for being so professional and trustworthy. I don't have money to gamble on losing as I'm sure many of you don't as well. With that being said, the website is always up to date w/ stock and once the order is placed you know that you will get what you ordered. Best takes all the stress out of ordering online and like I said before, is the ONLY source I will use. Thanks Best!