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  • brad1008


Recieved my second order from best. Awesome service as always. We had an issue with funds at first. However, best worked with me and everything went smoothly after that. Dbol and 2 vials sust 300 in 1 week!


  • test

Place my 2nd order yesterday,pick the $ and sended the same day,my first order went nice and easy,very good source,keep doing business with them



  • brit-iron

  • 3 years ago

first time i have ordered from these guys,and they were very helpfull,and the gear arrived next day delivery,will be using again for sure.


  • protecpa

i placed a order yesterday and today i have a tracking number this guy is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish my cable company would response as fast as dose this guy rocks very happy 5 stars

  • face

Received me first order in less than 10 days! Everything was perfect! Have no doubts, this guy is awesome! What else can you ask for! Thx Bro!!!

  • aleksis

just got my goodies!!! 2 order with Best !!! everything went nice and neat!!! BEst is Da man!!! only one week to US on East coast!!!
..Will always recomend him to everybody!!! I just wish everybody be that fast and professional like BesT!!!


  • HG63

This is my 3rd and 4th order with Best. Both were easy, as usual, and fast.


21st / 21st / 23rd / 28th
26th / 28th / 30th / 5th

As usual, the gear is G2G. Best is best.

  • rickys

Ordered sunday night, arrived wednesday first thing ! Great source :) .......


  • TOCA

Incredible fast.... took 3 days to get my stuff delivered im impressed!! top top source! This is the source u want to contact if looking for lixus!!


  • protecpa


i ordered and got my gear very fast very happy so i made a 2nd order hope to get it before x-mas


  • adrenaline24

Wow... got the package four days after ordering. Shipping and customer service is phenomenal. Gear is definitely gtg, only two weeks into sust and tren and starting to see gains. Thanks again best.


  • xxstedhedxx

this guy is the best around i hope he stays for a long time very easy to use and fast postage :) 5 star



just got my second order from best this week, this time it took only 6 days...perfect packaging and professional as usually... this man is in another level when he takes care of his clients, thks best you are THE MAN!!keep up the good work, god bless you.