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Fantastically fast shipping; Ordered to a UK based address on tuesday, sent out wednesday and received today noon!!! Can't wait to get started on this Kig/Ig cycle. Very happy with customer service; emails responded to promptly and were very helpful. All in all a very smooth transaction. Best really are the best - 5*s. Consider me a customer for life :D!!

  • tbh4lacuna

Received my orals just the other day. It took longer than expected but there was a holiday mixed in. He's always on eroids and responds quickly to emails. Can't wait to start popping those anadrol from Veyron. There's seriously no need to search for another source. 5 stars of course!!!!!!!!

  • brad1008

Just recieved my 5th order from best. Quick shipping, easy payment, great customer service. However, the nandro-test400 looked to be 1ml short or it could just be a slightly different size bottle. 5/5


  • popeboy1

well ive been on the veyron a-bombs for nearly a week and im up 8 lbs, have already noticed a gain in strength, Im only running 50mgs daily, on top of that 600mgs lixus test cyp, 400 mg of vishnu deca (this is not in stock yet so dont ask), 100mgs lixus prop. I am running the mgs a week of lixus sust to which I sub out for one of my prop days every week. I am running around vibrating humping on everything, I have put on a little water weight around the stomach area but I have a great sence of well being. My aggression way up there, in fact im having to monitor it once a week when I go pick up my wifes kids from her douche X-husband. I curled 155 lbs for the first time ever yesterday 10x's,will be updating this as progress continues, am looking forward to repping BS in the EBC.


  • johnston.20

Made an order yesterday and my order has been shipped today very fast service. Commuications brilliant aswel.

  • grecco88

this guys are great little skeptical at first but oredered 400 tbs dbol and three vials of test sust 300 by the time a placed the order and received was 7 business days to the U.S.. Thanks ukb i hope this guys stay around for while will definetly oreder from them again. let you know in the coming weeks if stuff was legit.

  • nate

just got my order in today. Veron Pharma, 3x sust250 D-bol. Took 1 week from WU to my door. Def. top notch supplier. I will post in a few weeks on quality, looks like i'm starting my cycle today.

  • Amend4arnold

Just got my order for a few test cyp vials. Got them real fast. Good communication. Very satisfied! Going to put the other half of my order in soon and will post a review once i start the cycle.

  • hambone1188

Unreal Service i used another site on here with great results, but BEST blew them out of the water with time it took to get to my doorstep. It only took a Week to get to the US!!! I had great results with but only four days in cant tell anything yet. Ill keep everyone posted

  • mastercommand

The sevrvice of UK has been Great they have responded to every e-mail. There product has been shipped and tracking number has been submitted in a timely fashion. Thanks UK

  • Sharpnz

Hey best, im seriously impressed! I just received my first order yesterday (only 2 working days qfter I paid!) everything got through without any problems to Paris and ive just started my cycle, im about to place my second order now, thanks for being so patient with me and anszering every question so quickly! ill be doing ALOT of orders with you from here on in!


  • yezda

First order from here - order arrived in 7 days after shipping, great communication via email!

  • 219michael1061

just got another order today....started back on the juice and gained 13 pounds in a week..all my friends I havent seen in a while all freeked out when they seen me...loven it.. thanks BEST keep up the good deals

  • DreamScore

Placed an order for Kigs, fast responses, shipped quickly..anxiously await. So far so good!

  • ZEEK33

I just made a New order of Lixus Dbal 10mg & Veyron Anadrol 50mg. I cant wait to try it out! After talking to the Ukbest representative on here he really helped me out by ansowering all my questions. AND WITH A FEW OTHER THINGS! haha he's know what im talking about! Anyways back to the order. I put the order in Sunday the 7th, I dropped the lettuce off Monday and its been picked up and I have tracking already.. SO F-in fast I cant stand it! I MIGHT HAVE THIS ORDER AT MY HOUSE BY FRIDAY haha OR NEXT WEEK PROB SOMETIME! thanks again!



  • big greek


Ok iv been with best for a few months now and made plenty of orders from them,they have always came through with my orders with great servise and product.There easy and quick to work with and you can always be confident with them,that's what makes it such a pleasure working with these guys.I placed a order this time and 7 days later BOOM,its there at my place.I know I'm singing there praises ,but in this game its live and learn,and when you find good peeps like best you can breath alittle easier.I'm gtg, 5 stars bro...

  • elisir3

Excelent communication, fast shipment.Ordered twice and both orders were received within one week(Europe).Started using Lixus Anavar with good results.

  • The Armwrestler

I have to say, this source is so darn good!!! I ordered boldenone (and HGH), and it's working very well. I know this because boldenone strengthens tendons and ligaments, and my tendonitis disappeared within a week after suffering from it for over 2 months. My vascularity is increasing and the pumps I get in the gym are incredible, 2 other good things that come from using Boldenone. I have no side effects from using this either, so I say it's pure. They sent me tracking info within a day after payment. I got my goods delivered to me in the US in one week.