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Finally placed first order online I went with best placed on 11/19 sent funds. They picked up funds 11/20 and shipped 11/21 now the hard part. Everything went smooth so far 5stars for sure. Can't wait to get my gear. I will check back when it gets here A+so far.


  • Jpsb

i ordered clomid & nolvadrex from best nov 14, made payment nov 15, gear was shipped nov 17 and i recieved it today november 22. communication was great, the gear is real and im amazed at the speed of delivery. This guy is the real deal. Very happy that i have found someone reliable with great gear. highly recommended. will be using again in the near future :D

  • Aus-Mj

Best is the man!!!

Opened up the mail box for a cheecky peek and BOOM! What a pleasent surprise!

Service is top notch. I am in a country where customs are the most strictest in the world- Arrived in 8 days from order confirmation!!

Helped me through every step of the way, question by question. I will not go anywhere else as long as this man is posting to my location.

I ordered based on a trial as I was doubtful it would get through customs, read awesome reviews so was happy to give it a try. GLAD I DID!!

Ordering again as soon as i finish punching away a top review for this man...


  • Thor

got my order in today from Best (bottles of lixus tren E, which i order just to try out this source). it took 10 days from payment sent to order arrive to my place in the mid-west, USA. everything went smooth, comunication was excellent. i sent payment, picked up the next day; got tracking number 2 days after, order arrived 7 days after i got tracking. all i can say so far Best you the best. highly recommended. i will rate Best a 5 star. will order again !!!

  • gaz04

Great work Best all they way to the other side of the earth in 5 business days.
For any one thinking of buying and worried about the strictest customs have no fear.

  • Stryker4269

Rec. my order today! Only took 7 days, this is great. Packaged very well. Gear looks good,I have used lixus many times and love it! This is my first time with Best, but in a few days i am making 2nd order with them. Cant ask for any better source. Thanks Best

  • tman63

Got my package today,ordered Lixus deca and some test-e from these folks.Super fast shipping and great communication,6 working days from when i was notified.....and there it was!!! no need to bug these guys about your order, it will show up in record time! Thx Best!

  • Liquid Steel


wow ordered on Sat. Picked up money on Sun. Shipped today with tracking number! Thats what I call quick!!!


  • Dizzyone

Wow I love these people I placed my order on 10-12 got my tracking number on the 15 and got my gear today the 21 will update with gains and progress.


  • epic01

Made payment on saturday, shipped out today. Great communication, couldn't ask for anything more.

  • Gsxr1000spanker


Got my order a week ago now and been on the dbols. All I can say is they are the bollocks! Blowing up and my Strength has gone through the roof. Can't wait for the test to come in. Good service and good dbol. Happy customer:)


  • blackmkt

im on test cyp 300mg every 3-4 days deca half cc with it.which would make it 150mg every 3-4 days. did dbol first 4 weeks. that shit was sick towords the end of the 4th week. and than test kicked in and it was gr8. made me horny, angry, strong. the total was 600 mg a week of test cyp and 300 of deca per week. hope that helps. gr8 cycle best i ever did. gone do tren a and prop in the spring end of winter. i wanna try that tren of lixus everyone loves it.


  • Liquid Steel

Dude Best is the bomb!! One week delivery cant beat it with a stick!! Super excited!!


  • QV1170

Best u the man! So excited - ordered first cycle online 11/19 got my gear 11/26 that's fast and I live in mid west 5star A+ rating from me I'm placing second order this week can't wait to start my gear tomorrow 5 star.

  • agarcia20

ok order 11/14 paid 11/15 recieved gear today 11/26 was a smooth process everything looked great was very discrete. will def do buisness agian in the future. very good customer service as well. thanks best.


  • Basterfield


Another order placed. Another order received within 2 days!
BEST couldn't be any better! Fantastic service and delivery.
Gear is always spot on!
Thanks again!

  • xxSTEDZxx

just recived my first order of test and deca today payment sent wednesday recived today friday 2 day turn around amaising. best is definatly the man cant wait to see the results and will definatly be ordering again :)


  • popeboy1


Ive odered a ass load of gear from this source, always have came through, payment was so easy a popeboy could do it, gear is always here in no more than 2 weeks, right now im halfway through my 2nd week of 600mg lixus enan and 300mg of lixus deca. So far I havent had any water retention but my pumps are insane. Bi's and tri's are looking fucking huge, no weight gain yet but its still a little early for me to be seeing full affects, my face and neck are getting blotched during work out, my cycle will look like this:

weeks 1-10 600mg lixus enanthate
weeks 1-10 300mg lixus nandrolone decanate
weeks 1-2 300mg lixus propionate

Best steroids gets nothing less than a 5 star review from da popeboy

I have a friend running the lixus cypionate, he is showing really good results, he has had an ass load of back acne, Ive never had a problem with acne so that just goes to show how everyone is affected differently.

I also have another friend that ran the anadrol for 6 weeks and is currently running the cyp on a 10 weeks cycle, he has had a 18 lb gain in his weight and over an inch increase in his arms. Ive never had no doubt about this sources gear as I have stated quite a few times before.

  • c33k

hell yeah! 2 days from uk to europe. best is super fast. also great communication!
ordered severel times and never had problems. i think the lixus gear is also good.


  • BigSweaz

Just received 2nd order from best. Everything accounted for and packaged well. Shipping was a little longer this time, about 10 days from order to delivery as opposed to 6 days for the 1st order, but his business is growing very fast and shipping takes longer around holidays so the small extra wait is completely justified. Still gets you the gear in half the time of most suppliers. Thanx Best, your the man.

  • dave


Hi there, ordered from Best on Monday, received on Thursday:) Good commincations throughout and happy with them. Will use these guys again and the gear is g2g.
Thanks for the good service.

  • dman300

ordered last week, got in yesterday. took no time at all. very happy so far with the service, communication, and ease of it all. wont start til about a month from now so il update then on results. will def order again. thanks best

  • Orlag

Just ordered from best a couple of days ago and they have already shipped.
Can't believe how fast these guys are at getting orders out.

These guys don't screw around and the comms are great.

The big test will be to see if the order gets through Aust customs!

  • oj

Received everything 5 days from the get go of the process. THESE GUYS LOOK LIKE THEY'RE NOT PLAYING AROUND.


  • Roarkster

First order received! The ordering process is smooth, received order confirmation right after order was placed. Made payment and then received tracking info. Already placed second order. Very good source, will stick with these guys!

Stocking up for New Year start, all products look legit exactly like Lixus I have on hand and have used in the past. Will review actual products once I start.

Thank you Best!

  • lesnomore

Best is daman! The ordering process at UK Best is easy fast and professional. The shipment has arrived as advertised and on schedule. A++ for service and product quality; I will definitely order from UK Best again.


  • frumpz

This was the first time I've dealt with ordering gear online, so I was a little nervous about the whole thing. I was lucky to stumble onto Best, they are amazing.

As soon as I placed the order I was emailed an hour later. I paid for the stuff late on Friday, so they let me know it'd be sent out Monday. Arrived 9am on Tuesday (I'm in the UK).

Easy to use website, great communications, very fast delivery and high quality gear. What else can you ask for?


  • Northern Gear


i have personally ordered from best, and he is currently helping me out of a very tight spot, i have no issue trusting him with thousands at a time, he always sends the gear, and it is always legit, ive got him to drop ship for me before and my friends always rave about how good his dbol, tren and tbol are, if his #3 spot doesnt speak for itself i will say it. dont worry when dealing with best, he truley is the best... and the price is right!

  • aleksis

order 2 cyp from Best..On nov 15 send him money and already today nov23 got my stuff to East coast NY....Best u r THE BEST!!! cant wait to order something else and see how good will be the results from it!!! Hopefully gonna love it as i love my super fast delivery!!!

  • PersonalV

Bought off Best about 3 days ago caused him a bit of complications without realising, requested him to send to 2 different addresses but paid less for the second shipping address (i wasnt sure i needed to pay for two addresses)and he still didnt mind and sent my good!!!! :) His a genuine nice guy BUY OFF HIM HAHA! Ill keep you guys updated when the gear gets down here :)

P.s Best dw i will pay ya an extra 10 bucks on my next order ;)



  • nothingbuttheblues

Awesome. Impressed with shipping time and a pleasure to deal with in all aspects of my order.

  • Ronny13

I cant believe it.. i got my order number on monday... and i received my order today.. i will order more in future.. yeah buddy



  •  nitrogains


Ordered and paid on 11/19, gear shipped 11/21. Arrived in Midwest US after only 10 days. Ordering process and communication was extremely easy. Best is the BEST and I will be doing business with again!


  • Bbear@11

Ordered on the 18th of November and was paid on Monday the 21st. Package arrived on the East Coast Monday and had Wednesday. Great communication, was an easy process, you are the Best and will continue to do business with you. The man is LEGIT

  • kanibal

finally ,i can right a review fn right came home from work and yahtzee santa left me a lil early stockin stuffer .rippin it open now let yall know how it goes .....
head to tha choppa


  • deven08


WOW!!! Great dealings with best as of yet. I have to give best props on a couple notes. Great communication. As good as I have received from any other source. Excellent arrival time, but I really wanna comment on how good they conduct their business. It was my own fault actually, but I accidentally ordered d-bol without looking at the whole page. Well actually I just clicked the "add to cart button" instead of clicking on the picture of the dbol witch wouldve sent me to the description of it and telling me that it was out of stock. Best sent me an email after they collected funds and ASKED me if I would prefer test prop instead of making the decision all on their own to just go ahead and send it anyway. I told them that I would rather wait for them to send the dbol once it was back in stock and they said ok. I thought that was great. I have read so many reports on sources sending replacements without even asking first.

All in all they are as good as any other legit companies, in my opinion, if not one of the best. I think they are great business men, I just have to check out the gear. I will give them 5 stars if the gear is g2g. Be back soon with results.

  • Ndog81

I ordered my var and winny and got it in 7 days with holiday in the middle. Great work Best! I will be giving you more business very soon. Thanks!

  • JayDog311

Ordered from these guys for first time last week. Kigtropin 100iu kits. Took 1 week from UK to Eastern US. Everything checks out, looks genuine for sure.Very happy with the service. Will use again soon

  • erma


top service and comunications, very fast shipping...professional
thanks ubs


  • madintheheadfred


5 stars for Best without hesitation. ordered and payed a week ago and received gear today, excellent communication, discrete packaging and super fast delivery, honestly can't see how this service could be improved on in anyway. can't comment on gear as of yet but i'm sure it's gtg considering the rest of the reviews here. nice one Best!


  • Orlag

Just got my order in the mail.

These guys have got it all sorted
- awesome customer service and communication
- super fast turn around on orders, only 12 days total from ordering to having it in my hands.

And best of all it came straight through Aus customs.

Great work Best!!!

  • Crimson_King

7 days from order to front door, even with the Thanksgiving holiday; Nicely packaged and discrete. Top notch.

I will update the review after the product is used.


  • Northern Gear


cant say enough good about this man. once again he has done everything in his power to help me out of a tight spot. everyone is happy with the quality of the gear, and shipping time is insane, keep you eye on this guy, my guess is he will be holding first place soon, and wont be an easy one to pass what so ever! thanks again best, your a good friend.


  • rawone1337

Very professional. fast shipping, received my package in the U.S. in 7 days I believe. I am very satisfied and will order again. Will post review on lixus prop and winny once I start


  • CannibalCole

Ordered on a Friday night...He replied on the weekend with instructions. Got delivery in a week including a weekend and a holiday. Started with the gear today. Everything seems to be great. Ill keep posted on the results. My highest reccomendation


  • 0000_soldier


Yep got all vials and all tabs! I originally contacted with big order let him down as a lost job and i cld not afford it, this was just before he updated rules to only contact if you can pay 24hrs, so i let it go for a while because i did not want to bug a busy man. Explained situation went out of his way again, for me thanx again.

Well as you guys know well packaged, i went to pick up at post office and guy slammed it down on table my heart sank!LOl they was all good, when i got home. Ill start cycle on Monday and ill get fantastic gains esp after injury lost as bit. b


  • mulzy

Got the goods today and all I can say is thanks brother. It got here in 7days after payment and that is fast as I am normally waiting 3-5 weeks. All looks g2g. Going to get on it starting Monday. One happy customer. Thanks bro.