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Ordered 11-9. Shipped 11-10. 11-15 WOW .. received my package today.
My last order from someone else took 2+ weeks.
Will update once I can judge the effectiveness of the contents.


  • limejellyjam

placed order last weekend, shipped monday, got it tuesday! one weeks good enough for me! will be using the anavar to end off my cycle. will review product after my cycle ends in about 3 weeks.. but i have absolutely no doubt that this var is gona be awesome!


  • roidjunky79

Placed an order about 2 weeks ago, got my gear in 6 days to the eastcoast. Placed another one on saturday and today got a tracking# today! Now that's what i'm talking about! Best is the shit!!! I don't think i'm gonna be able to stop ordering,LOL.



  • Venom

okay so i opened up my mail box and there it was , my gear ;) All items in perfect condition. and exactly what i ordered .. now i have everything i need for my cycle . it took a total of 5 business days to get my gear . thanx brother ;)


  • jeremyfoy13

Sooo got my tracking number last monday recieved my gear today 7 days!! and yes that is with veterans day and im in california.. couldnt get better thanks BS..


  • Komori73

Made my order and sent payment on 11/4,got tracking on 11/7 and received on east coast today 11/14. Great customer service and super friendly.Will be placing another order soon. Thanks Best!!!!!!!

  • Aismas


Ok already received first order, nicely packed amazingly fast EU shipping, fastest that i got till now and great communication thumbs up and i made a 2nd order.!!


  • Thor


Made my first order thursday, sent payment thursday, got tracking number this morning. Everything is going smooth, communication is fast and excellent, now just waiting on order to arrive. Order 2 bottles of Lixus tren enanthate. Will keep you guys updated. Sa far this source is awesome.

  • packdog

From order confirmation to delivery 5 DAYS! Europe to USA. I'm impressed. There was even Veterans Day in the middle. Gear came complete in original boxes/ containers. Lixus labs recommended this source personally so gear should be legit. So far this has been a great transaction. I will Definately respond to quality, this has been my smoothest transaction so far. Very impressed!

  • Kamtek

Best is a pleasure to deal with! This man is the best in all aspects of the business. From the time you click “Send” to place your order, to when you open up your package, it’s always been a breeze. I’ve dealt w/ Best throughout the summer and just placed another order recently for some “Candy Var” to complete my upcoming spring and summer cutting cycles. Best had been out of Var for about 3 months and I asked him to contact me whenever he gets it in. He sure did! Great customer service all the way! Thanks brother!

OVERALL: I’m satisfied so far w/ everything and I’m happy to have Best as one of my top sources. Order w/ confidence and if you have any concerns and questions about anything, Best will surely help you w/ every step of the way! 5 stars in my book! Thanks again brother!


  • jimbo88

First order arrived last thurs. Just placed another today. Great service. Dont hesitate a+++++


  • c1029

all im gonna say is that best is the BEST, im gonna be starting his gear in two weeks so ill be able to review on his gear but in service and shipping OUTSTANDING placed three orders with him and all three came in 5 days


  • TR


placed my first order, Kigs, with Best. Had a communication problem in the beginning. But all was sorted.. gear came today 13 days start to finish. Don't know enough about the Kigs to say it's gtg but I got it...and I got it fast.


  • hardcoreimpact

Received today, Quality service!, can't get any better!.

  • pizzaman

I have just completed my third order with BEST and can honestly say there is no better out there.....anywhere!!! Congrats to you BEST for your rocket ride to the deserve it! All aspects of BEST's business is A++++. Invariably it comes down to solid communication and BEST has it dialed in!! I am a customer as long as BEST will have me as one!

  • Thor

Made my first order yesterday. Communication was great and lightin' fast email responses. Just waiting on tracking number. This sources was recommended by another great source so i dont have any worries. So far A+++


  • renus3

easy to deal with an honest keeps word i ordered followed simple pay instructions an a day later gear on the way dam the only source i will ever use again cause the best gear is the ones u actually get thanks again man it was a pleasure dealin with u.

  • kdub

Super fast posting and quick and helpful response to all emails, looking forward to starting first cycle with your stuff mate! will update once gear arrives.


  • CDog

Great customer service.. expecting soon. Tomorrow marks 7 days since tracking information. Really good work.


  • big greek

So far so good,costumer service has been quick and easy,best has been amazing,my tracking says my test E will arrive mon or tues and that would be. Exactly one week from order to receiving it. I can't ask for anything better..Thanks best..Ill post more on the quality when I know more,but I'm betting it will be awsome...Later bros.


  • Klinky94

Wassup fellas, after reading all the reviews on here I thought I'd give Best a try, and he didn't disappoint. First rate communication & service, 10/10, will post again after a few weeks & update results/gains....bend da bar boys!

  • Anonymous

Placed test order for Kigs 17/11, paid 17/11, order shipped 18/11, Kigs arrived today 19/11. All looks good. Smooth deal, well pleased. Will update on Kigs when sides kick in.


  • illwill42

Me and my buddy just put a order in last night , sent the money out at like 7 o'clock , i have no idea what time it is in the uk but this guy got back to me within 45mins. He has his stuff together. My order status is already being processed and told me it would be sent out monday. The communication is grade A+and when i get my tracking # ill let you know how long it takes. But so far idk if ill ever order from anyone else . Uk best really is # 1



  • ZEEK33


I made a small order of Dbal 10mg on Tuesday night, the payment was picked up wednesday, I had a tracking number friday, and its showing sent. Should have it next week sometime. happy with the communication and shipping! I have never used anything from them before or anything from Lixus. So I cant wait to try it out. Ill give a review in a few weeks on the important part, the quality of the dbal! 5* as of now!

  • DiamondRFC

Best never fails to please. 3rd order now from him and this time was extra fast even though he was fast before. Ordered two vials of cyp around 1am friday morning and arrived just before 11am today saturday. :) Said can take two days to process an order sometimes didnt even take that to reach me. Starting to think hes superman and hand delivered the vials :)


  • roidjunky79

Just received my 2nd order in 5 days to the eastcoast with best. I have also been running their lixus d-bol for less than a week and already up 5 pounds! Strength is up on all major lifts. That's real impressive cause i'm an advanced user so i usually have to take higher doses and it takes longer for gear to kick in. I'm at 40mg daily. Will place another order next week!!


  • ZEEK33

wow thats good 5 pounds in a week.. Im gettting there Dbal this week too! I cant wait to use it..


  • neophyte001

First order with Best, and communication was great. Sent payment on the 11/15 and was notified 11/16 of payment issues and options. Resent payment on 11/18. Great customer service. Now the hard part, waiting for the goods.

  • popeboy1

so im on week 2 back blasting using enanthate and deca, I can already feel the strength increasing, gettin a little hungrier during the day, hoping thanksgiving weekend to put on some dramatic weight. No PIP except when injecting glutes. Thats probably due to being a newer injection spot. All in all very happy with my purchase with BS, excellent service. service is always 5 stars.



  • popeboy1

also let me add, a good friend of mine is running the lixus cyp,deca, and anadrol from BS, he is blowing the fuck up quick, his arms apear to have doubled in size. he is having quite a bit of acne across his chest. He made sure he let me know his appetite has gotten insane. He started out out 155 lbs and just hit 173 lbs earlier this week. this is about his 6th week running the cyp and anadrol and just thru the deca into the equasion about three weeks ago. anyways just thought id throw his reviews in here as well, his gear is still coming from BS.


  • ironbarbear

Only found this site the other day when searching because my regular suppliers site was down. Glad I found you, as so many people's opinions that are updated so frequently that it really authenticates the genuinity of the site/suppliers. I went with best after looking at the reviews, and as good as his and everyones on here's word, I've recieved my shipment within 3 days of placing the order on the site, so very happy with Best's service :) I'll be training hard! Thanks Best and I gotta feeling I'll need more from you soon!


  • leodavin

ordered on the 8th, paid on the 9th, delivered on the 9th and got it on the 18th to Asia. its my 2nd order and I know i'm getting real gear with guaranteed service as always from best :)



  • steamedveggie

Best is fantastic. I placed an order and received it in less than a week. Best also provides excellent customer service. Thanks Best!


  • agarcia20

Great communication great service very friendly I order 11/14 paid 11/15 goods shipped today overall everything has been great. I will update once I get gear but so far so good. thanks best

  • dman300


Great communication, fast shipping, excellent costumer service. No problems whatsoever so far. Will update once i receive the goods.


  • Jpsb

I placed my order with best on tuesday, gear was dispatched today. Great communication. will come back once i received the stuff and write a proper review.



  • Anonymous


Best comes through yet again, with just 3 short days between placing and receiving order. Ya gotta love this guy!.....gear is legit, arrives faster than a speeding bullet, and that's why I'm a repeat customer. Any more than that I would need to make it up! :)


  • james0616

  • 3 years ago

UK best are so pro, payment made last week on monday got my tracking on tuesday and received my gears on friday in france, the most professional people Ive see so far. they are my sellers now. thanks UK BEST I recommend them.


  • ZEEK33

Just want to say I have made many orders and Uk Best is very good! and Very fast! And I did just run home on my lunch brk and my gear was there! Thanks Best Ill make a new review after a few weeks of taking the Dbal:)

  • theomads

Extremely happy with speed, couldn't be faster no matter what your buying as long as postal delivery, basically paid Thursday late afternoon, confirmation of payment received thurs evening, tracking number sent friday evening, had goods saturday morning.

I am also very pleased with communication through out transaction as its assuring to be told when money has been collected etc.


Just placed another order either with my dude best. Lixus test prop to run with anavar for 8 weeks..Payment sent. Not even stressing about the shipment. My last order was here in 5 days from overseas which is unheard of. Great service once again!