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  • solomongrundy

Ok,Best reminds me of Floyd Mayweather in the ring.He makes this look so damn EASY!! I ordered online Saturday, got tracking number this afternoon..I tried ordering with his competition but they don't seem to want my money. Maybe my order was too small? It does not matter with Best. I asked them questions and they gave me one liners like Arnold in the Terminator..Best answered ALL my questions!! Even the stupid ones you feel that you shouldn't ask lol. I mean full out replies with detailed advice. Dude knows his products..I will be ordering again soon with Best..The "Other Guys" better step their game up!

  • solomongrundy

my order arrived yesterday. very smooth experience so far!!

  • w4rfrog

kind of like Wal-Mart vs the smaller grocery stores, smaller stores cost a little more but they treat you better..If i lived in the UK we would be best friends,play video games together, spot me on bench press, stay up late telling ghost stories, injecting eachother ..sigh

seriously though, super fast shipping, answers all questions, super nice, buy stuff.

  • limejellyjam

I agree bro! I paid monday morning. Got a tracking numbeer 6-7hours later. Fastest I've ever been!!

  • jeremyfoy13

So far so good sent my money friday recieved my confirmation # Monday looking forward to receive my gear

  • step

Ok guys, just got my goods today.What to say? BS is top notch definately!!! I'm planning my 3rd order...with such a good source i'm getting an addicted in some way ;)
Thank you again BS!!!

  • Venom

I am looking forward to getting my orders from both of you and can't wait to receive them in the next lil while:)

  • Islandboy


Ordered my gear and paid on Oct 27th, got tracking number a few days later, order arrived on southeast US coast eight days later. THAT IS SICK!!! Way to go Best, you dah man! Prompt courteous and professional!

  • Venom

Just placed my very first order with best and paid today...I am looking to be apart of his great service ....1st of many orders bro , there is only 2 sources i will deal with on here , and you sir are one of them ....i will post another review when i get my tracking number and so fourth .
thanx best !

  • popeboy1

your in for a treat. dnt be surprised if end up getting money ripped outta your ass hole from all the food your gonna be eating lol. Best is by far thebest source ive dealt with. My ass still hurts from the propionate I injected 2 days ago.

  • dstrbdone

best is a great source all around very fast to respond to emails,expedite products,and his packaging is spot on!! product is legit up 20 # in 4th week of lixus sus n deca cycle strength and libido are thru the roof as well as appetite& that feeling of wellness very little water retention recuperation times r insane!!!
I just received my second package 2 bottles of masteron to add in to last 4 weeks of a 12 week run and once again everything went perfect as expected. i give him 5 stars all the way around.

  • body77

5 stars for this great seller!!!

  • Anonymous

Well I'll do it for him. The site has an amazing lay out for ordering the checkout is extremely professional. After payment I received my confirmation with in 24 hrs.
I also received my tracking number so that I may keep track of my post.So far perfect.♣

  • CarlZ

Received 2 x Lixus Deca three days after sending payment, which I'm sure would have been even quicker were it not for an email problem. Good website, easy ordering process, friendly and professional communication and quick delivery - I would have no hesitation in using Best in the future. I'll update in a couple of months about the gear itself.


  • popeboy1

well my order came in yesterday afternoon, 2 vials of lixus cyp, 2 vials of lixus deca, 1 vial of enanthate, and 1 bottle of nolvadex. Very descrete packaging, The only thing i was missing was the im sorry note that should of been with my order for all the PIP i recieved to my ass from the propionate. Its all good though, theres always next order. will post pics this afternoon, I will be starting the enanthate and deca in three more weeks as i will start back blasting, as for the propiomate im currently taking of his, its so good it hurts, the great quality is a pain in the ass lol ummm thanks best for the great business you do.


  • jack.leach


Has to be THE best site I have ever ordered from.. The customer service is second to none.

Perfectly written English and they give you confidence to order with them.

It took me a little longer to send my payment due to work, but as soon as payment was sent I emailed them the details 1 hour later if that I got a confirmation email.. 6 hours after I got a email saying dispatched.. 24 hours after payment the shipment was at my front door.

Simply amazing service.

  • iforged05

Got my second shipment a few days ago! Best is AWESOME!!!


  • ninjajoebear

ordered today. paid today. simple instructions. just hope quality is good. fingers crossed. you guys are posting nice reviews is why i went with this guy.

  • Juicin14

this guy is the fuckin man at this game. ive been on his gear now for a while, his Eq, Test E, test C and dbol is all g2g, and i'll be getting more from him real soon. shipping is quick, gear is top notch, communication is great and fast. im also about to start his tren e this week. but this guy is exactly as his name states... the best.

  • hotrodthelovegod

sent money yesterday.....already picked up and received shipping info.....does it get any better than this. Lixus results have been great with my last order. Keep on trucking to the top.

  • Roarkster

Nice to have a real reliable source, have always gotten great results from Lixus and I am happy to say Best is climbing the charts quickly for good reason! Great communication all thru order and gave tracking info.

  • rgard15

Good Stuff! Order placed yesterday and got the tracking number this morning. Excited for delivery, hopefully before the holidays. Thanks GUYS!

  • popeboy1

I have been a customer of BS for a good while now, I couldnt tell you how many orders ive made from this source, however i can tell you that everything i have gotton from this souurce has been solid. I was one of the 1st to use this source when he came to this site. Even b4 I started using him he projected himself as a honest supplier. I have purchased quite a variety of different gear from him and EVERYTHING ive gotten from him has been almost over potient. His prices seeming to good to be true......yes but I can reassure you his reviews speak for themselves

  • Anonymous

Everything else from BEST is top notch so I dont see any reason why this wouldn't be... His reputation is solid enough to convince me that this is G2G...

As soon as I feel I want to go the HGH route I will be buying from here...

  • Barni

great communication, shipped a day after payment. Best was able to adjust a few things to suit my requirements, as living down under isn't always easy with trying to get orders in. Look forward to using them again if this order gets through :)


  • roidjunky79

You were right!! 6 days to CENSORED! Customer 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screw all the other sources!!!

  • bigtunasandwich

As always, placed order and the next day its picked up and shipped! Best and his people are on top if things and deserve the best ratings! Very satisfied with all around service AND gear!

  • red05

And just like the dispatch email said, that I should receive them before 1pm today. They have just arrived

Thanks all at for a wonderful service and affordable products.


  • red05

Placed order saturday lunchtime, completed money transfer etc by saturday afternoon. My parcel should be arriving today. That is quick. Really impressed. I had some email correspondence with ukbest before i place, and they seemed really on the ball, approachable and polite.

So Im really pleased so far. First time buyer of gear on the net. Ive gone for an all oral stack of t-bol/anavar plus nova, for an 8 week cycle.

Will let you know how I get on.


  • samurai

Placed 14 orders in over 7 months with UKBEST. Roll the dice. I rate them 5 stars. Best prices for LIxus products and HGH I have ever scene. Fast customer service and shipping.


  • d2surfer

So I ordered from best over the weekend and he sends me shipping confirmation on the first day of the working week. Very impressed by all the transactions so far. Waiting to get the gear and am very confident that everything will turn out great, especially seeing that everyone else is having the same kind of great service from him.


  • c1029

yes same here he's the best paid on weekends on all my orders n received tracking mondays afternoons n got my gear friday or saturday of same week!!!!!! i cant vote again but if i could i would give him another 5 stars keep it up best soon u'll b at the top!!!!!


  • dustyg428

Ordered from best about a month ago and started my cycle 4 days ago. Nandrotest and Anadrol. I'm up 3 lbs in 4 days and aggression is way up, so the gear is legit. Shipped the day after payment and received in the eastern US in 8 days. Order with confidence.


  • boumarino

2nd order received safely the same as first. one week to the heartland! Best has been incredible. Answers emails and most importantly does what he says. You'd be crazy to go elsewhere. All Lixus products tried have been GtG. Thanks again bro. My Xmas wish came true early.....

  • wosull

Awesome service got my dbol shipped all the way to ZA within 3 weeks. A+ supplier will order more again soon.

  • Dave2what

Cant say more about their legitimacy his website is clearly verified by lixus. Best i must point out has an incredible reputation of supersonic shipping. Ordered 9-Nov-2011. Paid 9-Nov-2011. Item shipped on 10-Nov-2011. Item recieved 16-Nov-2011. Damn hell that was fast. Less than a week. To note that the days include weekends. If best is based in uk, then i must say im somewhere around the other end of the earth. And judging from where im from, i expected at least 10 days.  2 weeks or more is the norm. Ive even experienced more than 3 months. But less than a week, i have to say so far from my past experiences this is the fastest. Which can be a good source for those who were in the middle of cycle and due to some unforeseen factors they need to add in some more or replace in their cycle urgently, or even last minute contest prep, etc etc, then this kind of fast service is definitely what youre looking for. Keep up the good rep boss and i wish your business to prosper and safe from the bad hands of we all know who. And to you guys out there, just read and follow the instructions given and stay cool. Rest assured this dude will surely do his utmost best to deliver your needs. Out.

  • Hopeful

Placed my order today, so far so good, great communication and quick answers to all my emails. I can't wait now to get the gear...


  • ninjajoebear

ok so i got my order way too fast. like insane fast.
im ready for the battle at the chim ( arnold talk)
thanks to ukbest they will be the best. if you want them and you want them right and in a ninja way. then be a ninja yourself. stay quiet and cool and they will get it to you.


  • w4rfrog

Got both of my orders yesterday, super fast shipping, Best was so helpful and such a nice guy-it was a beautiful journey, I laughed,I cried 10/10


  • bwoodard


Customer service is A1*,great response time ,great shipping time ,will update on gear quality,so far five stars,these guys are the best,thanks best.


  • Gsxr1000spanker

Money sent yesterday, gear received today! Enanthate 300, deca and dbol plus pct. unbelievable service. Will be ordering again soon. Cheers best. Will update results.