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I've ordered twice from Best so far, and absolutely no problems every time. Fast shipping, legit gear, fast replies, etc. What more could you ask for? On cycle at the moment with all lixus products from Best and making some nice gains :)

  • cbedo

two orders and NO PROBLEMS!!!! great communication and you get what you ask for!! FAST AND FRIENDLY!!! WOW is all I can say!!

  • chemari

This guy is great. Good prices, fast shipping, answering mail speed light, ...

He's becoming a top ranked source within days. period.

and, of course, Congrats on the new website!

  • hotrodthelovegod

just had a hitches..........all smooth. Lixus is great. I will purchase again in the near future. No problems with $, tracking is readily available and products arrive when you expect them. :)

  • buckeye

Congrads on site best .this dude is top notch.I've oreded and by far is best on eroids.keep up hard work best.u will be up at top n no time.lixus is the shit;)

  • popeboy1

let me start off by saying the web site is probably the easiest ive found to use as everything is listed and pictured right in front of your face. As I am BS #1 fan I will be happy to say ive used him numerous times, packaging is very discreet and is fast as a mofo on returning emails. Ive used his Lixus cyp, deca, and prop and have always had full confidence in his products. he is a verified lixus resailor (i know, ive checked) and just a top notch businesman all together. I will be placing another order this weekend so i will keep ya'll posted.

  • holckstar

Have used Best a couple of times. Customer care is excellent which in this “business” is very reassuring.
I have also used Best for advice on cycles etc.
Best have been around for 17 weeks, read the “supplier introduction” thread and try to find any negative feedback. There aren’t any!! I guess that says it all. 5/5 from here.

  • Anonymous

Purchased from Best and plan to continue to do so... Great Product, Great price and Great customer service... 5 Stars from me and worth every one..!

  • swingshift

Purchased two seperate orders through Best Steroids in the past and received both in 7 days. Great supplier with great communication! The gear is legit as I have gained weight with outstanding strength increases on test e and test c. Thanks for your service.

  • AlphaTiger2011

Congratulations on the website it looks great. Best is really the best. Fast shipping, great communication, A+++++ seller. You won't be disappointed.

  • c1029

A++ 5 days to receive my goodies great service even tho i was a little pain in the ass @ first but best service i've had and with 5 days after payment sent CANT BEAT THAT keep it up n u def b hearing from me again thanks oh congrats for the website looks good

  • slipperyslope

Best was very responsive to emails, always pleasant to deal with, and shipped everything almost immediately.

I'm on Week 5 of a cycle of dbol (ended those last week) and test cyp. Started the cycle at 173 and weighed in at 190 lbs. Saturday morning. My overall physique has really improved and I've been blowing past previous plateaus in every exercise. My clothes are starting to get tight!

Best of all, my wife looked at me a few days ago and just said "You're huge" :)

  • C1029

2nd order with best paid saturday got tracking today!!!!!! even when the site was down he answered my emails to anyone doubting on ordering dont he's the BEST i cant review on gear yet cause i havent started yet but communication and shipping 10 out of 10

  • getinhench

email recived saying order dispatched. so far so good. good communication. will keep everyone posted.................................................

  • kidcrese

I have used this source several times and they have been fantastic! Great communication, verified seller, great gear. I would'nt use anyone else at this point. 5 out of 5!

  • Anonymous

Order placed Friday 27th - am, email from Best and his team saying the items had been dispached Friday - pm... delivered to my office this morning (31st)..!!!! (and if I was in work on Saturday then I would have got them then instead of today)...A1 service again Best..Thanks alot!

  • step

I placed my order on the 25 oct and had my tracking order 2 days later due to the website issues. looking forward to receive my goods. As always top notch customer service Best Steroids. I'll keep you posted

  • BigSweaz

1st time ordering from Best. Ordered from the website on Monday, gear shipped on Tuesday, at my door step safe & sound on Saturday. That's right, 1 week shipping to the west coast. Website was easy to use, communication was great, prices are good, shipping was fast. Needless to say I will be making another order next week. Thanks Best, you are the man bro!

  • miami89

thanks for that.. i sent you email about my order. you are the best out there every one should order from you!!!

  • House


  • ravenfan31

I received my order in 7 days to the east coast. Everything was great so far, I bought this for my brother in law and his friend who will be starting cycle on Monday. I will keep everone posted on results. Thanks BEST!!

  • boumarino

All I can say is "Best" certainly lived up to the name. Good communication, tracking, and goods received within a week to the east coast. Web site was very easy to use as well. If you were hesitating, no need to with this one. Thanks again bro.

  • stfuandliftbtch

Ordered last night on 10/28 and the next afternoon is was already at the international mail centre and is being made ready for despatch overseas. Definitely fast service and great speed on resposes. Easily the quickest place i have ever ordered from. I will update as soon as i get my package and let you all know how quick it. UK --> West Coast US

  • Axil2234

Best is where its at!! I ordered on the 20th sent money on the 21st got my shippment in the mail on the 28th. Im excited about starting my gear thanks best!

  • Aye-Aye

Ordered on 26th, confirmation email on 27th, recieved order 28th. First class, no hassle whatsoever. Goods look legit chewed 20mg of dbol earlier and got the usual stars in the eyes when i stood up quickly that ive had from previous good sources for dbol. Post again in a week or 2 with how i get on. But so far id highly recommend this source.

  • curtwthompson

Great experience with Best! Absolutely painless. I paid last week and received my order yesterday to California - Awesome. the packaging was great, and the gear looks G2G

  • dart69

pre website order..funds sent and recieved on 10-15..items in my hands 10-25. dang and double dang ..f-ing awesome. pay attention to shipping instructions.whoohoo.

  • c1029

5 days to eastern us!!!!!! r u sure u r not in the us lol stuff look great ordered some test for the second time and like always answering emails n paid on a saturday got tracking monday n got home today n it was here!!!

  • stevexcitement

Hello, Ordered lixus test. This is a good place, got goods in 12 days. Also stuff is in original box and looks great. Just hope this lixus stuff is ok. Haven't tried the lixus yet.

  • MuscledUpMariner

The Test Cyp and Prop from BS are GREAT! I'm sure everything else is too!

  • popeboy1

well as it appears my order will be in today, thats about 12 days to the eastern US, theres no other word for the communication but phenomenol. Once in the will post the details, oh it feels like christmas in the air today.

  • stfuandliftbtch

Best site i have ever ordered from! Got all my goodies within 10 days form oversea's to west coast. CENSORED cleared though customs VERY quicly and it was all professionally packed. What i like is that i got everything in original vial box, and the actual dbol container unlike CENSORED where i got my stuff in a ripped plastic bag. Very happy with everything, response is quick. 10/10 service, WILL ORDER AGAIN! Thanks BEST!

  • Anonymous

Wowee, I received my tracking number already.. I just sent the money yesterday!!♦
I love the site set up-very professional. Great communication-so far perfect♣I'll post as soon as I receive my order.
Thank you,Barbie♥

  • MuscledUpMariner

Ok so 3 weeks on his Prop now and HOLY SHIT is this stuff good! Great communication fast shipping and decent pricing. Nice job B.S and thank you. You have a loyal customer here as long as you keep doing business like this.

  • raza927

Got my gear today..very pleased with the service very nicely done.
ordered on the 27th got it today and to canada toronto if that matters..amazed as to how fast it came overall had a great experience will def order again best service provided ever!!! gear g2g thanks best!

  • maverick32

Just placed an order! Lixus is my favorite brand hands down! Quite excited after seeing all these amazinlgy fast deliveries, I hope i get it within 3-4 days. East Coast.

  • bubba21

3rd order shipped on fri 10/28 and received on 10/31 to the west coast US. That's insane! Best is the shit!

  • popeboy1

if thats not helpful than i dnt know what is lol, thats insane crazy how fast you got your order, hell you cant even get it domestic that fast, thats like best dropped that sum bitch on a jet plane and it flew straight to your mail box.

  • getinhench

my stuffs arrived the very next day. super service. had my my first shot this morning sust 300....5 star............

  • Durlang69

Just want to share my experience with best. Have ordered 4 times from him and all has been great. For international source shipping time is great. Customer service and response time is pretty much second to none. Well maybe a tie!!! Products are outstanding. Im loving Lixus and my friends are as well. Ladies and gentlemen if you have any second thoughts about ordering from this source...DONT. He will come through for sure. Dont fret if you dont hear from him in 12 hours he will let you know whats happening every step of the way. I bugged him the first couple times but you`ll see this is one great guy to do buisness with. Keep it up Best. Cheers!!!!

  • iforged05

This is my first official review, and I am very excited to recommend UK Best Steroids to anyone who is trying to purchase from a legitimate and fast shipping source. I am very satisfied, and it came to California within 5 business days. I had a hick-up with WU, and he didn't mind much, and patiently accepted payment a few days after it was initially supposed to go through. The Lixus test-E I got from him had the holograms, and look very good. I am going to place another order soon with him.

Best Steroids is definately the hands down best steroid supplier ive used, I have always been treated respectfully and also am quite impressed with his knowledge of what he sales, I have been to this guy for cycle advice even though he might not tell you what to buy, he is very helpful in giving good info on what options I have to get the results i want. I have been using him for a good while, so far ive used his lixus cyp, deca, and propionate. I also have a friend using his anadrol and the quality of his gear is phenomenol, I have resently placed an order for his enanthate and I will review it when the time comes. His reviews for the deca, and cyp are in the pics forum, If you get a chance check'em out as the proof is in the pudding. Ive never waited over 15 hours on a email responce, shipping is very descrete and very easy. The only bad thing i can say about this dudes gear is the money it cost me in food now. I went from no appetite at all to spending an extra $200 bucks a month on grocieryes. I rate him 5 stars +