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I am also a pre-website customer. Made and received 2 orders with Best so far. Both times best has been fast at replying to messages and ships the order quickly. He was happy to give advice and a pleasure to deal with.

  • misc151

Ordered Test-E Lixus 300 Ml, price is cheap and the service is great. The test definitely legit, running it now with dbol, so far I have gained 25 pounds. Breaks all my PRs.

  • curtwthompson

I just ordered a few items with them this past week. They were extremely professional and responded quickly to my emails. I received a tracking number for my shipment and can track it throughout its journey to me (this is great) I have heard great things about this company, and so far everything has been true. NOW, just can't wait to get my gear and get started. Thanks Best for not dissapointing!

  • popeboy1

ok, ive placed another order as of yesterday, Once again the communication was phenonmenol, biggest order yet. the web site was so easy even a cave man could do it. will update when i get get updated

  • bigbombjrjohn

He is legit and ships fast, just make sure nothing goes awry or he will not deal with you again lol.

  • Megaman4444

Ordered Thursday
Good communication
Received on Saturday
New order next week :-)


placed first order with best yesterday sent funds today so far great communication and prices are on point will update when i receive package and again on results ordered 2 bottles of masteron by lixus and 1 bottle of tren enanthate to finish off a lixus cycle of sust blend 300 and deca 300 of which im taking 600 mg of each 1 cc of each in one shot every 3.5 days that i received from another source that mysteriously dissapeared. hope everything goes smooth as all reviews of best seem positive and hes a verified lixus reseller if all goes well ive found my new supplier!!

Best has been great to work with. fast shipping, good product, and helpful when trying to put a cycle together. So far 8 weeks on test only cycle from best up 16lbs with a low calorie diet. Strength is way up as well.

  • Exposed

Best Steriods IS the BEST Lixus supplier I have used. Got my order from the UK to the west coast US in 11 days from day payment was sent to getting the order delivered to my door!

  • hotrails00

Best...thank you. I got my gear in perfect condition in 9 days. Would recommend this source. Very easy to deal with from start to finish. FAIR prices and great service. I will look nowhere else for my gear. I ordered before his website was up and running and trust me, even without the website this guy is all good 24/7.

  • yeechi3

By far the best supplier I have dealt with! Shipping was secure gear was in perfect condition. Done in timely matter, can't stress how great the communication was! Keep up the great work Best and you will be on top soon!

  • blackmkt

will go nowhere else. best prices on the best gear. cant stress it enough how fast best is. got my gear in 7 days. paid a fraction what the other guys wanted. kept me informed every step of the way, so i wasn't worried.everything checked out at lixus website. all legit. i will go nowhere else, this is the only guy i go 2 from now on.

  • leoncrowley2 

Order came through! Packaging was discreet and came on time. Will definitely be using this source again in future.  Would it be fair to say that Best is the ummmm.... BEST!?!!!

  • Over The Top

I got my order in around 9 days. Everything was packed very professionally. I ordered tren a and eq. Both are working pretty good with my test e, also Lixus product, for my cutting cycle. Best was very professional throughout the entire process.
Keep up the great work.

i like propionate......hows that for a review, Jk so im cruising right now with the test prop, ive went from every 3 days to every other day. since I started with BS gear i believe I stated that i have gained 24 lbs. Since July ive gained 38 lbs all together, 14 of those lbs were from some other gear i had. Anyways fuck the other gear i like what ive got now hands down the best!!!! I know Im still in the light weight department when it come to the majority of you guys but I accomplished something the other day I have NEVER done before, not only did I break 200 lbs on my bench, I benched 4 plate's which to me is a miracle!!!! Im am having steady increases in my gains even as im cruising with the prop. my weight is staying the same but i feel stronger and stronger every day and my arms have gained 2 1/2 inches. The cyp and deca I ran as I was blasting steadly had my weight climbing at only 300mg cyp and 150mg of deca per week. So if your looking for a long ester test the lixus cyp would be a great choice and the majority of my vials had almost 12 mls in them. Had a lil bit of water weight but I kinda of liked it as I feel it helped me heal even faster. Maybe thats just in my head but I sure healed quick as hell!!! As for the Lixus prop, I had NO PIP but have no doubt how potient this stuff is as my blood pressure seems to be thru the roof and my aggresion in the gym was phenomenol. so I would say the prop is great for strength gains. I am planning 6 more weeks of the prop (maybe not that long) and then I will blast again. Probably gonna run the same or maybe sub the cyp with the enanthate, not sure yet but at a lil higher dose, Im thinking 500mg of test and 250 of the deca. So anyone curious about his Lixus cyp, deca, or prop. U have my word there are no better :)