Buy UKBS Test Blend 300mg/ml (100mg prop, 100mg Cyp, 100mg Enanthate)

UKBS Test Blend 300mg/ml (100mg prop, 100mg Cyp, 100mg Enanthate)
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UKBS Test Blend 300 is a blend of three testosterone esters.

Testosterone propionate 100 mg
Testosterone enathate 100mg
Testosterone Cypionate 100mg

Test Blend 300 is one of the most popular steroids and for good reason. It is precisely set up to give you results for up to a month after injection because each of the testosterones that make up stay active in the body for differing time periods.

Test Blend 300 is highly anabolic as well as highly androgenic. This makes it a favorite of those trying to bulk up. It is a steroid that gives you what you are looking for; that 20-25 lbs during a 6 week cycle for most steroid novices. You gain mass rapidly and get a nice kick in stength as well while taking this drug. There is almost a synergistic action to Test 300, meaning that the combination of the various testosterones in it work better together than the sum of their parts.

Average Dosage:

300 -1000 mg/week (male only).


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